Lead FreeBullet Design


A. Compressed Metal Powder Core, 99.9% pure - the bullet is 100% lead free and nontoxic 

B. Our jackets have concentricity of less than two tenths of one thousands.

C. High quality propellant, measured to two tenths of a grain.

 D. New high quality cases.   

E. High quality primer.

DRT™ lead-free frangible projectile is exactly that revolutionary round. The bullet disintegrates on contact with a solid hardened surface. It can be custom made to turn to powder (its original form) when it strikes the thinnest metal, or beefed up to pierce thick layers of steel. 

The bullet is encased in a copper jacket that opens when the bullet strikes fluid, exposing the core of the bullet that disperses on penetration. Centrifugal force built up on the backside of the bullet triggers fragmentation as the bullet is halted by soft tissue. 

What is revolutionary about our bullet is the method of creating a bullet core that will consistently fragment and inflict different degrees of damage on a target. 

The core is comprised of powdered metal and unlike the other frangible bullets on the market, our core is not bonded or sintered, it is merely compressed.

9mm 85gr.


In both function and performance, 9mm 85 grain DRT ammo will function in all 9mm weapons reliably and is the staple of the DRT line of    projectiles and ammunition. 

Very light felt recoil and standard pressures allow the shooter to have faster follow up shots as well as better accuracy.        

 In tests, the DRT 85 grain 9mm bullet penetrates semi-hard barriers like sheetrock, plywood, car doors, bone and most glass, still passing through clothing and into the gelatin test block.        

Utilizing a Hollow Point Flat Based (HPFB) design, the bullet is engineered to delay its expansion 1-2 inches before the jacket begins to peel back exposing the core. Penetration is 11-12” in ballistic gelatin with a wound cavity typically 3” in diameter with complete fragmentation of the core.

All standard pistol calibers vailable.

.223 55gr./62gr./79gr.


The .223 55 grain and 62 grain frangible rounds are designed for hunting deer or wild boar sized animals, and the ultimate .223 round for self defense. Safe to use in both 5.56 and .223 Remington chambers.  

A non lead, frangible projectile, this bullet features a boat tail hollowpoint (BTHP) design. Accurate out to 350 yards and works well in a 1:7, 1:8, and 1:9 twist rate barrels. You can expect wound cavities of 3-5” in diameter with 14-16” of penetration. It is reliable, accurate, has reduced ricochet, and is lethal ammunition. 

The Elite Series™ 79gr.  projectile was designed in response to the needs of the LEO/tactical community.  It delivers the full range of penetration, expansion, stopping power and energy transfer that DRT powdered metal cores are known for.        

The bullet is also plated and which adds lubricity to the barrel and decreases the fouling normally caused by standard copper jacketed bullets.

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.308 135gr./150g./175g.


The .308 round is a devastating round that shoots sub – MOA out of most factory rifles. Accurate out to 1000 yards and works well in a 1:10 and 1:11 twist rate barrels. You can expect wound cavities of 4-6” in diameter with 13-17” of penetration. It is reliable, accurate, has reduced ricochet, and is lethal ammunition. 

This bullet is engineered to work on large game, auto glass, sheetrock, plywood, and other semi-hard barriers. It is designed to expand on liquid (tissue) or something harder that itself.  

Also available in .22-250, .243, .270, 300AAC,       30-06, 300WM

Stopping Power


Quick stopping power, unsurpassed performance!  

One of the major concerns with any bullet is to achieve the maximum stopping power at the lowest possible caliber. 

The DRT bullet possesses the power to stop quickly in even its smallest versions. 

Even though the bullet does come apart, the ability to have a delayed expansion allows this particular bullet to go through light barriers before it expands. It does not act like traditional frangible ammo in the sense that lack of penetration has been the calling card of that type of ammo. 

We have effectively developed bullets that are penetrating and frangible.

DRT Performance Video

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Why Frangible Bullets?

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